Sunday, June 03, 2007

Watch HBO

So I finally finished watching the first series of Heroes, and even though it was all a bit abrupt considering the apocalyptic tone of the rest of the series, it was pretty good.
So what next, I wonder?
Well, as well as a second series, also greenlit is Heroes: Origins, a spin-off mini-series. Six episodes are planned, with a new character introduced each episode. Sounds alright, right? Wrong.
At the end of this mini-series, the public will vote for which character they want to appear in series 2.

Why has all TV turned into a gameshow or phone-in? Are the writers so afraid and without confidence that they can't do the writing themselves? Why not just create a show the way you want it, and then let the audience make of it what they will? Even better, why not write something that came from your own head? This test screening initiative has existed for years, but this is ridiculous. Programmes like Heroes should exist so that we DON'T have to watch crap like Big Brother.

NBC are pandering to their audience a bit too much. I'm hoping it is them forcing it, and not the writers. It's still okay to hate networks.

Except HBO.

HBO rule.


Roo said...

Ah HBO, im stalled in my travelling and i watch oh so much of it.. tremors was on last night.. i keep willing heros to come on as i have not seen it at all, and all i get is prison break.. joy.. *sigh*. Also, dont bad mouth people for giving things 18 ratings... cunt. THERE Y"SEE< ITS NOT A NICE WORD LIL CHILDREN SHOULD HEAR!

tom said...

i unethically watched heroes online a while ago. i very liked it. the finale was a bit anticlimactic. in a strange way, i think it would have finished better if the bomb didn't go off.

i hadn't heard about heroes: origins, but that does sound like a pretty silly idea. good writing isn't a democratic process.