Friday, June 08, 2007

RIP Cinephilia

Yesterday I payed my respects to Cinephilia - my local video store, and probably the greatest video store in the country, which has now closed.
For over two years I used it as a reliable source of the good, the bad and the totally freaking insane. And everything else. Seriously, everything.
So for my first rental (In the Mood For Love) to my last (El Topo) and everything in between, goodbye Cinephilia.

I'm now pretty scared about what comes next. I don't know what I'm going to do in terms of getting films. I'm settling for Birmingham Central Library at the moment, but it just doesn't compare.

Another reason to be sad is that the BBC's Blast event, which looks like a wonderful and brilliant set of workshops, has been placed on the dates of my exams. And, probably, the exams of a lot of teenagers nationwide. I guess the BBC forgot that THE WHOLE THING IS AIMED SPECIFICALLY AT TEENAGERS. Anyway, if you can make it, please do, it looks great.

But it's not all bad! I'm now the proud owner of a new (old) TV, much bigger and better than my other one. Now I can waste ALL of my revision time watching Deadwood again, on a bigger screen.


Arabella Dream said...

Aw. :(

I also miss the Blast weekend, I'm going to be in London.
It's annoying because I'm JUST missing some great events in London ... and then when I'm in London I miss loads of good stuff here.

Still, I mustn't complain.

Anonymous said...



Well, I still maintain that perhaps staying open longer than 9pm would have given them a reason to stick around, HMM?

Brad Gamma said...

If its the same Cinepilia thats next to sarah, then I remember it being cool and liking the guy who worked there and am also sad its gone.