Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Music TV Part 2: Music TV piped bees into my hotel room

So we all know why Music TV is an amazing thing.
And if you don't, scroll down a while and find out.

But really, is it?
No, don't answer. Although it may be good, it-
No, I said don't answer-
You can't-
No, I know, it was a rhetorical question-
I was just-

Music television is rubbish and horrible.
Y'know why? STEREOTYPES, my friend.
Look at 50 Cent's videos. They present - nay, glorifiy - the image of young black men as criminals. The same goes for a lot of mainstream hip-hop, in fact. And countless music videos objectify women, in ridiculous ways. To such an extent, in fact, that often the music is just an excuse for some bad porn.
Whether we may realise it or not, the more exposure these videos get the more these stereotypes are reinforced...leading to us all seeing women as sexual objects and black men as criminals (and black men seeing themselves as criminals).

And REALLY the only thing that television does to the industry is harm it.
It makes some people get really successful, yeah, but the wrong people.
Shows like The X Factor and Pop Idol give instant global popularity and wealth to people based almost entirely on their image and attitude, with little or no attention on music skill.
Imagine how demoralising and harmful this is to bands and musicians who may have honed their talent for years, and spent those same years trying to break into the industry. To see Gareth Gates sleeping on a bed of pound coins is just a bit poo. Even if pound coins are a rubbish bed.


AND OH YEAH remember how I said that music video is an art form? Complete with visionary directors who enable to band to exert their creativity?
Yeah, well, Westlife called, turns out I was wrong. Then Busted, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera called, but they made the same point, so I just hung up on them.
Their videos are about selling them as a brand, according to the current trend or just to make them look good.
No one is watching the video for 'Dirty' and thinking 'My, what a talented girl.' Unless you're being ironic. In your own mind. Weirdy.

The Rolling Stones

Anyway, Music TV is good because of VVVV and bad because of ^^^^.

The End.

I can't believe I'm passing this off as revision.

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