Thursday, June 28, 2007

Respite my face


Yesterday was my last exam, which means that I've finished college forever.
This is nice, but also kind of sad because college was great.

The quality of the curriculum was generally quite good, so for exams I was lucky enough to study films such as Chungking Express, La Haine, In the Mood for Love, The Killer, Do the Right Thing, City of God, Irreversible, A Clockwork Orange What's really great, though, is the opportunity to just write about your favourite films, so I've also written about The Evil Dead, The Man Who Wasn't There, The Virgin Suicides, Rushmore and Napolean Dynamite because of the scope of the film and media courses.

I also did a research project/presentation/article on Wes Anderson and a huuuuuge research study on post-9/11 American TV Drama, specifically The Wire and 24.
While this possibly means that I've grown incredibly sick of both Wes Anderson and post-9/11 TV Drama, I've learnt a whole lot and it was actually FUN to learn because I chose to learn it.

It wasn't just the film and media courses that allowed this flexibility; I turned my English coursework assignments into writing on Asian cinema and a study of the language of Firefly.

All of this and a short film and a kid's TV show with a monkey.

All in all, college was fun.
Here's to college.
Thanks college.

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