Thursday, March 29, 2007

I need a Hero(es)

So I'm now five episodes into Heroes and it is AWESOME.

The plot never fails to surprise you every single episode, not in a lame Lost way of 'hey, let's throw in another nonsensical thing that we'll never actually explain but pretend that we will so everyone will keep watching!' kind of way, but in a properly tense way.

There are a whole load of different plot threads, but they're all credible, and while the characters are meeting each other in less-than-credible ways, it's very easy to get sucked into the drama while appreciating the show's originality.

Also, the soundtrack is very good. The music doesn't distract from anything but really creates a strange atmosphere at points. And Nora Zehetner from Brick is in it. She's actually a bit annoying. But it's nice to see her pretty face.

I hate to keep comparing Heroes to Lost, but it's inevitable as they're both high-budget multi-character mystery shows...and Heroes is better. It takes some of the stupid stuff that might have been in Lost, like at point a guy appears saying "I'm from the future...I have a message for you.", but it's all completely part of the action and every revelation is maintained instead of ignored so that the audience is both informed and in suspense.

It's good stuff. Very good. I just hope it can keep delivering.

In other news: you know what's annoying? Watching Snakes On A Plane with a bunch of people who haven't seen it, months after all the 'Goats on a Boat' jokes stopped being funny.


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Anonymous said...

People who don't understand why SoaP is so great are also really annoying.