Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fincher than you

So I just watched the trailer for David Fincher's Zodiac - I'm pretty hyped up about it.
Strangely, the trailer says 'From the director of Se7en and Panic Room' with no mention of the much more popular Fight Club; but this tells you what kind of film it's gonna be, and I think this is a good thing.
It looks good - nice cast, interesting real-life premise, and it's Fincher so you're covered as far as cinematography goes.
But it won't be as good as Se7en. There is very little that is as good as Se7en. Yes, including Fight Club.
But, Robert Downey Jr. with a '70s look and Brian Cox - I'm looking forward to it with joy.

Also, I just looked at the Empire website for the first time in a long, long time - they have an article called 'David Lynch's Inland Empire explained!'.
This is why I don't go to the Empire website anymore.
The article just sums up Inland Empire - the least-sum-up-able film ever made - in a few paragraphs and literally says 'So, yeah, basically, it's all about this.'
Whoa, that just reminded me, I think I had a dream last night that included the words 'Inland Empire'. Or maybe that was the film. It was more dreamlike than most of my dreams.
Anyway, the point is, Empire should stop trying to be cool and clever by completely negating the work of such an interesting director. I think I just feel strongly about this because it seems like Lynch's films shouldn't ever have any sort of concrete literal interpretation; just watch and be scared.

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