Saturday, September 22, 2007


  • Early (though limited) press for Neil 'Dog Soldiers/The Descent’ Marshall’s latest, Doomsday, is negative, threatening my hopes for a Malcolm McDowell revival.
  • McDowell is also in Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween. Just…just forget it.
  • George Romero’s latest in the Living Dead saga, however, looks very, very interesting. Diary of the Dead will be set on the same night as Night of the Living Dead, with a group of students making a horror film in the woods when they are attacked by zombies. The production is independent, as opposed to the glossy studio thrills of Land of the Dead, but The Weinstein Company have bought the rights and guaranteed a wide release.
  • Four major sequences in the increasingly awesome-looking The Dark Knight have been shot in IMAX format, with director Christopher Nolan really pushing the possibilities of shooting entire mainstream feature films that way.
  • Terrence Malick’s favourite film of the last 10 years is Zoolander. Excellent.


Arabella Dream said...

My FIRST thought after reading about Diary Of The Dead was like,"Wow, like a crazy-awesome kinda Bridget Jones' Proje- no ... I meant ... What did I mean ..... Oh, Blair Witch Project."

Anonymous said...

Iiiii... well that scene wasn't pleasant.

sam said...

thats what i said. read it again.